Troll Hunters

Tim and Julie Haines are on your side in dealing with malicious, abusive and nasty trolls on the internet.
Julie Haines is an experienced McKenzie Friend who has assisted parents for a number of years as Senior Lay Advocate at Justice for Families (JFF), the campaign group chaired by John Hemming, MP.

Julie started in Public Law (social services vs parents) but owing to the growing need for good quality, solid advocacy and the squeeze on legal aid by the LSC, she has extended the practice to private law.

Julie works together with her husband Tim Haines who provides additional support, working on statements, skeleton arguments and court paperwork in general, occasionally making court appearances.

Julie and Tim are experienced in many areas of family law, including Contact and Residence issues, Judicial Reviews and Appeals. Julie has appeared in courts throughout the country at all levels from local Magistrates' and County Courts through to the Lord Justices of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice. She is well known to many of the most senior judges in the Family Court division, and they have frequently complimented her on her work.

Both Julie and Tim are interested in strengthening legal processes and ensuring that parents and relatives are allowed their Article 6 Rights to a Fair Trial, and Article 8 Rights to Family Life. They are able to provide a much more intensive service than most legal professionals, explaining the situation to clients more thoroughly and giving them more information about possible options and pathways through their case.

Their service is tailor made to suit your specific needs and budget.